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GRUAU - Closed vans and trucks

Stands :

5 T 123

9 boulevard Marius et Rene Gruau
CS 24219

53942 St-Berthevin cedex

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Based in the Mayenne department for nearly 130 years, the Gruau Group, N°1 Light Commercial Vehicle converter in Europe, designs and manufactures innovative global transport solutions, thanks to its core business : Manufacturer-Converter.Multi-specialist, multi-brand and multi-site, Gruau converts over 54,000 vehicles per year and offers over 20 product lines: passengers transportation, transport of goods (Box body, refrigerated or insulated vehicles), construction industry (tippers, crew cabs), safety and security (police, customs), ambulances and emergency, funeral, electric, specific (food trucks, medical, mobile offices, training units). The company now has 1,500 employees across 20 sites (13 in France, 2 in Poland, 1 in Spain, 1 in Algeria, 1 in the United States and 2 in Italy) and generates a turnover of 275 million euros (2017).