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LUMAG Sp. z o.o.

LUMAG Sp. z o.o. - SUSPENSION SYSTEMS (dampers, axles, braking systems, wheels, suspension)

Stands :

2 D 065

Rogozinska 72
64-840 Budzyn

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LUMAG was founded in 1988 by Marek ¿ak, the current main shareholder and CEO. Initially we focused on the production of brake linings. Later we implemented our own brake pad manufacturing technology. Over the years the company achieved enormous technological progress, which is showcased by or constantly upgraded collection of machinery, applied engineering solutions as well as the continuous rise of quality and safety standards.For us quality is paramount, that is why we operate on the basis of our own tried-and-tested formulas and a repeatable manufacturing process. Owing to that, our linings and pads ensure the highest level of safety and comfort.

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