Picture of Jérôme HUP and Cavime's logo

3 Questions to Cavime

Interview with Jérôme HUP, CEO of Cavime

Why did you choose to take part in SOLUTRANS 2019?

We took part in the last three editions of SOLUTRANS and we had very good commercial feedback after the 2017 so we owe it to ourselves to be there in 2019 to perhaps do even better.

Which opportunities does SOLUTRANS represent for your Company?

The show allows us to meet our domestic customers who we only talk to over the phone during the rest of the year; it also enables us to exchange with our suppliers and with manufacturers. We also receive feedback on our products and the show helps us find new clients.

Which will be the major news you will be presenting during SOLUTRANS?

We will still be presenting our extended cabs at this show, but the new development this year will be the 20m3 body made from PET, and also the conversion of shipping containers to another use in an eco-friendly approach.

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