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3 Questions to Eureka Consulting

Interview with Pascal WELZ, Director of Eureka Consulting

Why did you choose to take part in SOLUTRANS 2019?

Founded in 2016, the Eureka Consulting firm has always aimed to support transport company senior executives in their decisions and strategies. Over the years and thanks to our expertise, our consultancy has emerged as one of the leading names in strategic consulting and mergers/acquisitions in the transport world. We currently advise, either directly or indirectly, more than 200 transport companies across France.

This commitment to firms has furthermore led to us being listed as an M&A consultancy within the alliances ASTRE, EVOLUTRANS, FLO and TRED UNION. Our presence at SOLUTRANS illustrates this desire to stay close to our customers.

Which will be the major news you will be presenting during SOLUTRANS?

SOLUTRANS offers us the possibility of being in close contact with the sector’s stakeholders. Throughout the show we will be on hand to meet with company leaders and discuss the problems that they might face so as to define the responses that we can bring them. This will also allow us to discuss market trends with them, in terms of both disposals and acquisitions in transport.

The extra benefit we offer our clients is the knowledge of market prices, which can be compared with the psychological selling price of company owners.

We can even carry out a value approach with approximate figures on our stand in our private office.

Which will be the major news you will be presenting during SOLUTRANS?

At the show, we want to place emphasis on preparing for the sale or transmission of transport companies. This preparation must be looked at from several angles and we offer our expertise to company directors to support them on financial, fiscal, legal, social and managerial matters. The multidisciplinary skills of our consultancy’s advisors help to deliver a 361° view of consulting: a 360° view of the various fields of expertise, and the extra 1° of creativity which makes all the difference.

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