Picture of Xavier ANTRESSANGLE and Hankook's logo

3 Questions to Hankook

Interview with Xavier ANTRESSANGLE, HGV and Fleet Director at Hankook France

Why did you choose to take part in SOLUTRANS 2019?

This will be our fifth participation at SOLUTRANS. We believe that this event is the best time to meet our clients in a dedicated professional setting but also with a friendly atmosphere. 

Which opportunities does SOLUTRANS represent for your Company?

SOLUTRANS offers us the opportunity to enhance our reputation as an innovative and premium manufacturer. It is also a chance for us to welcome our customers and present them with our new product developments and latest technological innovation. Finally, we have expanded our range of services for professionals and we would like to discuss the expectations of transport professionals in a deeply changing sector.  

Which will be the major news you will be presenting during SOLUTRANS?

Our message this year will revolve around three pillars:

  1. Hankook is a premium manufacturer
  2. Hankook is an innovative manufacturer
  3. Hankook is a manufacturer that is close to its dealer and user customers.

It will therefore be our opportunity to highlight our product developments and new services, and also our latest technology.

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