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  • CAP2600 workshop Expert electronic headlamp system usable anywhere

Updated on 08/27/2021


CAP2600 workshop Expert electronic headlamp system usable anywhere

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Detailed description

AP2600 Workshop expert headlight tester combines all the technologies to accurately analyze a vehicle's lighting (LED headlights, halogen, Xenon lights, AFS): high beam adjustment and low beam control.

The analysis is synthesized in a pre and post diagnosis report. It guarantees headlights conformity and improve driver's safety.

Pre-PTI diagnosis
Anywhere module : for ground compensation
Detailed before and after report
Embedded inclinometer
Integrated printer
Positioning assistance
Alignment laser
Communication ports : USB, RJ45, RS232, wifi
Lamps : LED, halogen, Xenon, Matrix headlamps




    Innovation & anticipation
    For more than 30 years, Capelec has been providing mobility professionals with accurate and innovative equipment.The company supports tomorrow's mobility by placing innovation at the heart of its missions.It anticipates changes, imagines and designs leading edge solutions, and puts its expertise at the service of the technologies of the future: lighting, gas emission and brake testers. Capelec is an active member of major international organisations and participates in conferences and investigation focused on mobility.

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