SOLUTRANS 2021 Inauguration

This morning, the official inauguration of SOLUTRANS is scheduled to take place at 11.00.

Patrick Cholton, the chairman of FFC and of SOLUTRANS, will welcome a delegation of officials for a guided tour of the show which will begin with the new Hall 1 and the many innovations to which it plays host. among them a hydrogen-fuelled semi-trailer by Chereau, and the specialists in new energies, without forgetting the hauliers’ trade associations. The tour will continue with a meeting with HGV builders, who once again are all in attendance this year, including Volta Trucks, IRIZAR and Ford Trucks, for the first time in France.

SOLUTRANS expects to receive the visit of many official personalities. For the inauguration, Patrick Cholton will be accompanied by Luc Chatel, former government minister and the Chairman of PFA, Anne-Maris Idrac, former government minister and President of France Logistique, Claude Cham, Chairman of FEM (Federation of Mobility Businesses), Marc Mortureux, Chief Executive of PFA, Stéphanie Pernod, 1st Vice President of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, Bruno Bernard, Chairman of the Lyon Metropolitan Council, Émeline Baume, 1st vice President of Lyon Metropolitan Council, Jean-Charles Kohlhaas, Vice President of Lyon Metropolitan Council in charge of Transport, Gérard Arnaud, Mayor of Chassieu, Renaud Hamaide, CEO of Comexposium, Olivier Ginon, CEO of GL Events, Anne-Marie Baezner, CEO of Eurexpo.

The delegation will meet at 11.00 in front of Hall 1.

Over the five days of the show, personalities will continue to visit, with the announced attendance of a delegation of MPs from the European Commission, and representatives from the Turkish consulate. Meanwhile on Friday, the French Minister of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari will visit SOLUTRANS on Friday morning alongside Patrick Cholton.