Exhibit at the IV OEM village under the aegis of the FIEV

An important innovation this year on SOLUTRANS, the FIEV's IV OEM Village will bring together the breakthrough technologies in the industrial and urban vehicle sector.

Developed in partnership with the French Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries (FIEV) the "FIEV OEM Village", exclusively for FIEV members operating as OEMs, aims to highlight equipment suppliers whose industrial solutions are designed for heavy-duty mobility for road and urban transport.

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Since 1985, SOLUTRANS has been the showcase for INNOVATION from manufacturers, equipment suppliers, tyre specialists and more... OEM - OES suppliers in the heavy and light commercial vehicles sector.

  • Some 20% of visitors to SOLUTRANS represent the upstream part of the sector: they come together to take stock of new technologies (engines, materials, connectivity, vehicle equipment, production systems, etc...). 
  • 44% of visitors cite OEM activities as a priority for their visit. 
  • 80% of visitors who had a technical problem to resolve say they are satisfied with their visit to SOLUTRANS. 

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