Recycling industrial vehicles in an environmentally friendly way


Tuesday 17th November: 2:30pm-3:30pm (TV Stage)

In a world where the environment has taken a prominent position in all economic sectors, should we ask the question about recycling industrial vehicles?

What becomes of them at the end of their life given that one third of trucks are made of recycled materials? Builders, coachbuilders and OEMs have not hesitated to implement truck disassembly and recycling programs in partnership with licensed professionals and environmental treatment specialists.

Truck recycling rates have now reached 95% against 82% for cars. Today, nothing ends up in landfill; everything on a truck is reused. European regulations on the subject are becoming clearer, though they are still incomplete for heavyweight and other industrial vehicles. This conference proposes reviewing the regulatory framework and establishing an inventory of what is fast becoming a true HGV recycling industry. Recycling specialists and manufacturers will intervene to share their positions and shed light on the subject.

Conference animated by: 

Hervé Rébillon - rédacteur-en-chef adjoint du magazine France Routes


  • François LOOR, President DURISOTTI SAS
  • Hervé DOMAS, General Manager ALIAPUR
  • Lionel POURCHERESSE, Products director CARRIER TRANSICOLD  
  • Boris STEVANOVIC, Industrial tyres unit director GOODYEAR FRANCE