Who should pay the environmental tax?


Friday, November 20th: 2.30-3.30 PM (TV stage)

Since the Environment legislation, road transport has become the scapegoat of ecology. Without proper consultation, it alone was chosen to pay ecological tax. But should it be the only contributor?

The hypothetical environmental tax is a perfect example. While it pays the axle tax each year, once again road goods transport will potentially be taxed to finance other modes of transport. Environmental efforts have been significant in this area since the entry into force of the Euro I law in 1981. Who should really pay the ecological tax? After examining major taxation spending with specialists, we will hear the views of carriers and stakeholders in the industry.

Animated by: 

Hervé Rébillon - Associate chief editor France Routes


  • Alexis GIRET, director CNR
  • Michaël REUL, General secretary UPTR         
  • Christian ROSE, General delegate AUTF
  • Catherine PONS, Vice president UNOSTRA
  • Marianne OLLIVIER-TRIGALO, chercheure à l’IFSTTAR au LVMT (Laboratoire Ville, Mobilité, Transport)