Towards an international event reflecting the sector's growth

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In a complex market, the road and urban transport sector is working together to boost growth and increase visibility. SOLUTRANS 2015, the exhibition of Road and Urban Transport professionals, set to take place from the 17th to 21st November 2015 at Eurexpo, Lyon, will reflect this.

Part of the World Road Haulage & Urban Transport Week, the show aims to host 850 exhibitors (25% international) and receive about 37,000 visitors (15% international). It will highlight activities in the industry and show its international side more than ever, together with its desire to be the top European exhibition for innovation.


For the past three events, SOLUTRANS has organised meetings for the sector. These helped initiate many projects that will be finalised from January 2015.

In the automotive Strategic Committee, a specific group for industrial and utility vehicles was established: the COFIT. This brings together all the players in the sector (FFC, manufacturers, carriers) for lobbying so that the real importance of the sector can finally be recognised and taken into account.

Furthermore, as part of the Platform of the Automotive Industry (PFA), a new working group has been created. Chaired by the FFC and focused on industrial and commercial vehicles, it will work on 3 projects: the attractiveness of jobs and training, vehicle recycling and the workshops of the future.

Finally, two projects will be launched:
- From January 2015 onwards, organised jointly by the FFC, the CSIAM and manufacturers, a new "sticker" project will mobilise 5000 vehicles.

- Implemented in May 2015 with the 7 manufacturers of industrial vehicles and bodybuilders, an "industrial vehicle day" will be held in Lyon, in the city centre. During the day, each of the seven manufacturers will exhibit a vehicle with all the latest innovations. Bodybuilders and suppliers will do the same. This will ensure the general public promotion of the sector and its exhibition, SOLUTRANS.


The road and urban transport sector is ready for action. SOLUTRANS 2015 will be the opportunity to share all its accomplishments and will be the starting point for new progress.

A real showcase, SOLUTRANS welcomes all transport solutions and will hold many new events:
- The 4th meeting of the industrial transportation sector that will report on work done by the Automobile Industry Platform (PFA) and the COFIT, on collective actions taken by bodybuilders, manufacturers and suppliers... and which will determine the steps, objectives and timing of future actions.

A "raw materials" conference will be scheduled on Wednesday 18th November in the afternoon. Organised in collaboration with the PFA and the partner federations (CLIFA, FIM, SNCP ...), it will allow experts to comment on the way forward for the various raw materials used in the construction of vehicles and bodywork. All
participating professionals will receive privileged information for their innovative approaches.

The training and careers area, set to be even more rewarding than in 2013, will increase networking opportunities about jobs in the sector and their attractiveness. It will bring together all stakeholders with demonstrations. A vast operation will be organised to accommodate young people from colleges, technical and vocational schools.

- For the first time, a Light Commercial Vehicle Village will be on show, with manufacturers and bodybuilders, and will host many specific activities. The focus will be particularly on establishing or reinforcing the relationship with the direct user. For this, a partnership was formed with associations of craftsmen and small business users, who will be present at the Village:

  • tours will be organised for companies to make them aware of all the bodybuilders and LCV manufacturers offers;
  • workshops will be offered so that discussions and exchanges can occur, matching user expectations with manufacturers.

A strong international element

As the 2nd largest European exhibition of road and urban transport, SOLUTRANS is strengthening its partnership with ERAI (Entreprise Rhône-Alpes International) for international development, including leading countries such as Germany, Benelux, Spain, Italy or Poland. Three countries will be honoured at the 2015 SOLUTRANS event, namely Germany, Italy and Poland. They will be promoted through official visits, cocktail events, networking and dedicated conferences.

The top European exhibition for innovation

Finally, a reflection of its unique and widely recognised expertise in the road and urban transport market, SOLUTRANS is focusing on innovation for this event. This approach will be reflected in different ways:
- A new version of the innovation pathway, reflecting the products presented by exhibitors at the Transport Solution Innovation Award and highlighting the involvement of solutions from several major players such as the LUTB, the INPI, BPI;

- Consolidation of the Transport Solution Innovation Award, organised by the CCI of Lyon and the FFC, with the creation of a new "Environment" category;

And, for the first time during SOLUTRANS, the presentation of 3 internationally recognised awards:

  • The International Truck of the Year/International Van of the Year/ International Pick-Up awards are presented to the commercial vehicle introduced into the market in the previous 12-months which has made the greatest contribution to road transport efficiency, based on several important criteria, including technological innovation, driver comfort, safety, driveability, fuel economy, environmental footprint and total cost of ownership.

* International Truck of the Year: created 1977 - Jury: 25 journalists - reach: over 800,000
* International Van of the Year: created 1992 - Jury: 25 journalists - reach: over 800,000
* International Pick-Up of the Year

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