SOLUTRANS 2015: careers, training... Let's go!

Communiqué de presse

SOLUTRANS 2015 (from 17th to 21st November - Lyon Eurexpo) will honour the bodywork trade in a training area of 300sqm designed and facilitated by the French Bodywork Federation (FFC) and numerous partners (the Lyon education authority, AFTRAL, the Road Safety Agency, the ‘Compagnons du Devoir’...). 

On the agenda, a special welcome for college students, a competition for secondary school students and many activities ... to help them discover all the opportunities on offer in this sector! Focus on... an exhibition in action and the different training options, either initial or continuing, on offer today.

A dedicated space… many activities

At SOLUTRANS, the training area will be lively thanks to the help of many participants.

Activities to attract young people and families

The FFC will highlight its new diploma in Bodywork Construction, run through its CFA and the secondary school at Villeneuve-la-Garenne. The latter will take advantage of the event to show an old J5 being totally redone by pupils, students and apprentices in Construction Repair. The goal: to bring all bodywork professions to life in real time, showing that young people can be just as successful in mechanics and bodywork as they are in painting or upholstery.

A special welcome for secondary school students

In partnership with the education authority, the Training Centre will welcome 13-15 year olds thinking about career options. After presenting the trades and meeting with various training organisations, they will visit the show to see the products exhibited on the stands. 

A competition within the competition

In addition, Construction diploma and Bac Pro students will participate in the "Innovation Competition" organised by the FFC and SOLUTRANS. Each group will be responsible for doing a "report" on companies who have entered the Innovation for Transport Solutions Awards. They will have to study an application, get to know the company, inspect the innovation on the stand, analyse it and highlight interesting points. This report will take the form of a presentation to the Jury of the Prize for Innovation, presented by each of the student groups. 

A range of simulations to explore different careers

Students will be welcomed by the leaders of the FFC training group, who will present their bodywork trades with a course designed specifically for them: the lorry driving simulator on the AFTRAL stand; the J5 from CFA Villeneuve, combining mechanical, bodywork and upholstery skills plus a driving simulator; and the ‘Compagnons du Devoir’ stand with a painting and welding simulator.

Training news

Education: at the heart of the FFC’s DNA

A professional body representing the whole industry, the French Federation of Bodywork, Industry and Services remains a fundamental and historical player. This role was reinforced in October 2013 when the Education Department was first set up. Its main mission: promoting Bodywork trades, both in initial and continuing training.

In this context, one of its first actions, conducted alongside industry professionals, teachers and school leaders, was the complete overhaul of the curriculum. To do this, the first decision was to remove the professional Baccalaureat (Bac) in Body Repair/construction, no longer suited to the complexity of these two specialties, and replace it with two separate degrees: the Bac in Pro Repair and Bac in Pro Construction. Changes were also made to the Repair CAP and Paint CAP qualifications, which were totally updated, while a CAP in Construction was created and, in parallel, the BTS diploma in Bodywork Construction was revamped.
As these many changes aim to modernise training in the sector, the Federation also wishes to encourage professionals to work actively with institutions to make their trades better understood.

In the same vein, the FFC also offers a wide range of solutions in the field of continuing education. A privileged partner for companies, it works with the assistance of the GNFA for technical training, or by itself for other aspects of the trade, such as administrative changes in the industry. Assigning claim and pledge agreements, regulation, pre-qualified audit operations, and UTAC I or II qualifications are all specialist topics brought to the attention of professionals and taught by the FFC.

The AFTRAL, from the basics to long term study (CAP to Bac +6)

Born in 1989 from the merger between the Association for the Development of Vocational Training in Transportation (AFT) and the Training Institute of Implantation and Handling Techniques (IFTIM), AFT-IFTIM became AFTRAL . A contraction of "Learning and Training in Transport and Logistics", the agency is now refocusing on its original mission: organising training.

Now, through its new website, the AFTRAL provides its members with a customer area where all modules are grouped, allowing users to register for multiple sessions conducted in France.

Furthermore, the organisation now covers all continuous and initial training for AFT-IFTIM. It focuses on one hundred centres in France and abroad, among which are 44 apprenticeship training centres (CFA), schools of higher education dedicated to the carriage of passengers or transport logistics and the Institute of Logistics Management (IML). Driven by a thousand trainers, these organisations support 180,000 professionals in continuing education annually with access to 450 courses, and accompany 2,000 students in their initial training.

Often unaware and uninformed about the transportation sector, these young people benefit from AFTRAL’s 150 different courses in a variety of areas ranging from human resources management to maintenance, operating techniques or driving multiple types of vehicle (HGV, LGV, site vehicles, handling). All courses range from the basic CAP level to Bac +6.

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