SOLUTRANS 2015 a beacon of innovation in the world of transport

Communiqué de presse

SOLUTRANS, the Exhibition of Road and Urban Transport professionals is a showcase of innovation. 70% of visitors say that one of the reasons they come to the show is to discover the new flagship products and services on the market.

During this next edition, special attention will be paid to new solutions thanks to the "Award for Innovation in Transportation Solutions", organised by the CCI of Lyon. The Award has three categories: "Bodywork manufacturers", "OEMs" and a new category in 2015 "Sustainable Development".

The Innovation Award provides an opportunity for SOLUTRANS exhibitors to enhance visibility of winning products and solutions.

A valuable commercial contribution

Winners will be able to leverage the prize widely across all of their business activities. They agree that it is an indispensable asset to the reputation and brand image of their companies as evidenced by Christophe Danton, Head of Communications at Chereau"Innovation is at the heart of our craft. This prize clearly underlines our motto "innovation drives you forward" and improves our image with customers and prospects, both in France and abroad."

Julien Ducret, Communications Manager at PMS Industrie, added "This award was a great way of showcasing our products and our French expertise. We have included it in our various business and technical documents as well as on our website. On the other hand, it proves that our R & D strategy of promoting innovation in our field is working. "

"It seemed obvious to us to highlight this award in our business activities. In fact, it is a guarantee of quality, trust and recognition from transportation for our CX System," said Quentin Wiedemann, Head of Marketing at Lamberet.

"This award is a big part of the corporate image we communicate to our customers," added Julien Torre, CEO and owner, Frappa.

"We promoted this award in our sales brochures to strengthen the innovative aspect of our solution, designed and manufactured in France," concluded Marco Dian, CEO of Cramaro.

Major media recognition 

The winners also welcome the media coverage associated with the prizes that helps to promote their innovations and expertise.

Jérôme Guillou, Marketing & Communications Manager at Pommier"The Innovation Award has provided us with many benefits for the professional press. The nominated
products are presented ahead of the awards ceremony at the entrance to SOLUTRANS. This gives us good visibility on the show."

Christophe Danton confirmed this recognition, "The Innovation Award has had a strong impact on our reputation and generates numerous articles in the press."

An unifying award 

Finally, the "Innovation Award for Transport Solutions" strengthens team spirit and cohesion among employees at the companies who win the awards.

"Our staff see the importance of such a prize, as it is as a recognition of their work," said Julien Torre Frappa.

"This brings all of our employees together as they are proud of their company," said Christopher Danton.

"Following the award, we made an official announcement to all of our employees who have expressed their satisfaction and pride in contributing to the achievement," said Julien Ducret.

Jérôme Guillou"The award has allowed us, internally, to bring together the sales teams and employees in the factories."

"We invited all our employees to the prize giving to share this distinction with them and reward the work completed this year," said Marco Dian, CEO of Cramaro.

And Quentin Widemann concluded: "This recognition is a real motivation and a source of pride for all Lamberet employees because we are motivated by the daily search for excellence in innovation and quality."

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