SOLUTRANS 2017 Innovation Awards : an « Unlimited Innovation » edition

The firms from the road transport industry took centre stage on 21 November at Lyon's Palais de la Bourse for the ceremony of the SOLUTRANS Innovation Awards.
Altogether, 10 prizes were presented, rewarding innovative solutions in the area of performance, safety, practicality and sustainable development proposed by the exhibitors of SOLUTRANS.

The LYON METROPOLE CCI has since 2001 organised its Innovation Awards as part of SOLUTRANS. These Awards pay tribute to exhibitors' solutions which constitute noteworthy innovation and improve the performances of a body-on-frame vehicle. The judging panel, made up of experts from the transport sector, is particularly sensitive to technical progress, advantages in terms of safety, market potential, performance enhancement, environmental impact and the economic value of each of the innovations submitted. 

Ever-increasing innovation

The 8 SOLUTRANS Innovation Awards are divided into 2 categories:

  • Bodybuilders - Manufacturers
  • Equipment Manufacturers

with 4 levels of distinction for each category; gold, silver, bronze and sustainable development.

The judging panel comprises:

  • Technical and Product Managers from vehicle manufacturers (DAF Trucks, Iveco, MAN Truck & Bus, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Renault Trucks, Scania, Volvo Trucks),
  • and representatives from the CCI, INPI, IRP Auto, Transport Info, Trucks Mag and AMJ Media.

The choice of the judges, who visited the stand of every entrant at SOLUTRANS before deliberating, was driven by the technical innovation displayed by the product, the benefit it could offer the carrier or driver, advantages in terms of safety, working conditions, environment, energy saving and sustainable mobility.

The 2017 award winners

Bodybuilders - Manufacturers category

LAMBERET has developed the world's first electric-hydrogen hybrid-powered refrigerated utility vehicle.
The Frigovan H2 Zero Emission bodywork on a RENAULT Kangoo ZE base, combines a SYMBIO hydrogen fuel cell, dedicated Easyfit insulation, exclusive LAMBERET Kerstner tri-mode refrigeration and on-board telematics.

CHEREAU NEXT is a new generation semi-trailer using "CAN" technology. All of the vehicle's key components communicate with each other on a multiplex network. This allows numerous functions to be automated and others to be created to deliver more comfort, efficiency and safety. CHEREAU NEXT facilitates the installation of telematics equipment and maintenance. Its key data is displayed on the tow tractor's dashboard. 

The new EasyAcc'air sectional door is the new Lecapitaine innovative solution for the transportation and urban distribution of temperature controlled goods. It is the perfect combination of the advantages provided by a swing door and a curtain. Its patented invisible closing mechanism does not affect the vehicle's overall height and offers 100% loading space. Its new patented inflatable sealing system guarantees flawless insulation.

The first French-made tow tractor featuring Full Electric technology. The ATM (Automotive Trailer Mover) moves trailers around private sites for industrial firms, logistics providers, carriers, and in port and airport zones. 

Equipment manufacturers Category

A new SAF adaptive air damping system for trailers and semi-trailers, bringing together in a single module the functions of an air cushion and a shock absorber. SAF axles fitted with the new suspension therefore no longer require hydraulic shock absorbers.

Electronic blind sport hazard detection system for professional and heavy goods vehicles. Detects the presence of a hazard (vehicle, bike or pedestrian) in the blind spot, and warns the driver visually (presence of an obstacle) then with a warning sound if the vehicle indicates in the direction of the hazard.

A multi-temperature Supra® refrigerated unit for a straight truck fitted with an engine fuelled by compressed natural gas (CNG) - offering significant reductions in pollutant emissions (-95% particulates, -70% Nox, -25% CO2 and lower noise levels). The system offers a single CNG filling point for the whole truck.

  • Sustainable Development Award : TELMA

New generation eddy current brake with all-electronic linear control, for application on a goods or passenger transport vehicle. Performances suited to all type of driving situation, the Telma eddy current brake, through its electromagnetic operating principle, is optimised for urban use cases featuring a large number of Stop and Go cycles. As there is no friction, it does not emit any fine particulates and functions silently. It is the champion of brakes in urban environments.

During the evening event, two other awards were made:

  • The Research to Business award for innovative SMEs, organised by the Automotive and Mobility Sector (PFA) and which went to INNOV+ pour Toucango, its web-based geo-positioning and low driver attention data services.
  • The Low emission driveline award organised by the CARA hub (formerly LUTB RAAC) which was presented to Renault Trucks for Urban Lab, its laboratory distribution vehicle.

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