SOLUTRANS 2017 highlights

As the voice for the commercial and urban transport industry, SOLUTRANS will provide a backdrop for a great many special events: 

Issues addressed during talks and presentations

The 5th meeting of the HGV and urban vehicle sector 

Providing an update on the major expectations and issues faced by the industry in 6 talks and presentations:

New motorisation and energy

  • Keynote lecture of the 5th meeting of the sector – Tuesday 21 November – 3pm
    • Key points for the future of the industry
    • Presentation of a White Paper, designed as a guide to choosing and purchasing all types of vehicles
      • The White Paper is the result of work conducted by GTFM* véhicules gaz, a cooperation between FFC* and AFGNV* under the aegis of the PFA*.
      • The GTFM, or industry speciality working group, brings together a number of players from the automotive and energy industries. Its role is to address the question of alternative fuels and associated infrastructure to enable the transport sector to play an active role in the energy transition.
  • Presentation – Friday 24 November - 11am – “HGV’s and urban vehicles: an energy mix developed in France and beyond our borders"

Connected vehicles

  • Presentation - Wednesday 22 November - 11am -"HGV’s and urban vehicles: autonomous driverless concepts: reality or Utopia?”
  • Presentation –Wednesday 22 November - 2.30pm – “Connected vehicles and semi-trailers: for better tracking of goods and people” 


  • Presentation – Friday 24 November - 2.30pm 

Customer-supplier relations 

Most of the talks and presentations will be held in the Norbert Detoux Lecture Theatre (named after the founder of SOLUTRANS).

Issues at the heart of special features 

The Training forum 

Designed and coordinated by FFC and a number of partners (AFTRAL, the Villeneuve la Garenne Training College, GARAC, les Compagnons du Devoir, the Rectorat de Lyon, the Road Safety Authority, the firm Immersion), the training forum will have new technologies as its central theme. Designed to be a true source of information on the opportunities and career openings offered by the industry, this space will accommodate secondary school groups and young people planning their academic and career paths, students and apprentices in the sector, industry professionals and families.

It will allow certain visitors to discover the job areas and existing educational options, notably in the area of new technology (robotics, digital, virtual reality, etc.) and help others to enhance their knowledge through valuable discussions and receive information on existing vocational education. It will also offer visibility on all of the sector’s innovation. 

Factory of the future

A special feature on the FFC stand will show visitors the tangible effects of digitalisation through a demonstration of virtual reality and 3D printing. Talks by the firm Immersion will take place every day from 10.00 to 10.45am in the Norbert Detoux lecture theatre. 

This theme will be spotlighted through:

  • URF Day (French Roads Union) – Thursday 23 November 2017 – with a presentation at 3pm on the themes of “heavy goods convoys”; “the electric road for HGVs” and “urban logistics and the smart city” and through the visit of a delegation of URF members.
  • The Transpolis congress – Thursday 23 November – 2pm – presenting this 80-hectare platform located near Lyon which enables new mobility concepts to be tested. 

SOLUTRANS, Unlimited Innovation

The International Truck of the Year, Van of the Year and Pick-Up awards for 2018 (presented at the Gala evening on Wednesday 22 November 2017).

For the second edition in a row, SOLUTRANS is to host the prize giving ceremony for three internationally-renowned accolades: International Truck of The Year, International Van of the Year and International Pick-Up Award. These awards, presented by two judging panels made up of journalists from major European trade media titles, will pay tribute to vehicles launched on the European market during the previous 12-month period. 

SOLUTRANS Innovation Awards (presented at the CCI – Tuesday 21 November)

This year, the Awards will comprise:

The 9th edition of the Awards, organised by the Lyon Métropole CCI (chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Two categories of participants (Bodywork manufacturers and Equipment Manufacturers) compete for four awards: gold, silver, bronze and sustainable development.

New in 2017, the awards organised by the PFA and LUTB 

  • The Low emission driveline Award
  • The Research to Business Award for innovative SMEs.

New in 2017, the "Industry Personality of the Year – HGV’s and Urban Vehicles” (presented at the gala evening)

This award will distinguish a French or foreign personality working for the benefit of the HGV’s and urban vehicle industry.

New in 2017, the Start-up Village 

Organised in association with LUTB and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional council, this space will be dedicated to smart mobility and transport. Around ten innovative firms will present their solutions which may one day become the standards of the future! Information displayed on the stands will be developed in talks given by the start-ups. 

LCV area

Held for the second time at SOLUTRANS, in association with CAPEB and CNATP, this area will bring together manufacturers, bodywork firms and equipment manufacturers around two headline themes: safety and the Euro-6 standard. The latter will lead to the formation of a specialist LCV working group devoted to the transition from 3.5 to 4 tonnes.

This space will also offer a chance to see several “world firsts”.

SOLUTRANS, an edition that goes global

Sweden Day

On Wednesday 22 November, SOLUTRANS will place Sweden under the spotlight. On this occasion, the show will welcome an official Swedish delegation whose representatives will speak at a presentation on autonomous vehicles. 

SOLUTRANS, a venue for conviviality

Gala dinner

Held at the exhibition venue itself on Wednesday 22 November, the gala evening function will take exhibitors and their VIP guests on a journey to discover the SOLUTRANS “e-motion experience”. This convivial, festive evening will also be marked by the ceremonies of the 2018 international awards and of the “Industry Personality of the Year” award.

New in 2017, the “drivers special” event

SOLUTRANS will organise a special event aimed at professional drivers on Saturday 25 November 2017. This day will offer a mix of exhibitions, visiting trails, discussions and a prize draw. It has two main aims:

  • mobilise small haulage firms which account for a substantial share of the market in terms of both turnover and number of companies, by leveraging the factors of passion and conviviality;
  • raise awareness of young people to transportation jobs through communication that conveys a positive and modern image of trucks.

Download the 2017 factsheet

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AFGNV: French Association for Natural Gas Vehicles

    FFC: French Body Work Association

    GTFM: Industry Specialty Working Group

    PFA: Automotive Industry Platform