SOLUTRANS 2017 : a start-up village for smart mobility and transport

For its upcoming edition (21-25 November at Lyon Eurexpo), SOLUTRANS is to join the FRENCH TECH movement. In partnership with LUTB RAAC and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the exhibition is to create a dedicated village hosting more than 20 startups national and regional. These young firms present innovative solutions which could potentially become the standards of the future! This village is characterised by four flagship themes: environment, energy, intelligent transport systems (ITS) and safety, as well as new service solutions. 

Reducing the carbon footprint of heavy duty and urban vehicles

  • Addbike: an eco-friendly alternative to city transit, this tilting two-wheel chassis can convert any bike into a delivery trike.
  • Code Name 41: an energy autonomy solution for all-electric LCVs working in city logistics.
  • Evol: an urban logistics service which makes last-mile deliveries by low emission vehicle, using a sorting platform at the entrance to the city.
  • Noox: offers two applications which dispatch shifts and optimise delivery rounds by aggregating information from the ground to reduce kilometres travelled and costs.
  • TwinswHeel: an autonomous delivery droid (ground-based drone) which can deliver any parcel weighing less than 40 kg on demand without the need for human involvement.
  • U'mob: unique scooter and electric bike solutions aimed at firms and local authorities for food and parcel delivery.

Making road transport more energy efficient

  • Axegaz: a pioneer in the distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Axegas is deploying 40 fuel stations in Europe for long distance hauliers.

Offering cutting edge solutions in intelligent transport systems

  • Avicen: develops and operates a B2B service platform dedicated to connected vehicles and mobility.
  • Capte: an on-board device connected to a web platform offering the download of tachographs, vehicle tracking, consumption monitoring (FMS/CAN) the detection of attempts to evade a breathalyser, etc.
  • Convargo: connects hauliers and shippers through an online platform.
  • Dashdoc: The first road transportation waybill or goods transportation contract (CRM) in France enabling instant invoicing and offering the best customer service to order principles, shippers and recipients. 
  • Fretly: matchmaking service for carriers and shippers which optimises deliveries, from a single parcel to a full truck.
  • Hikob: wireless detection systems for vehicles, providing real time data necessary for regulation and monitoring of urban traffic and winter maintenance up to car park and street parking systems. 
  • Safety Network Formation: the first social platform enabling all users of machines and vehicles to become compliant.
  • Shippeo: first social platform to allow the monitoring of flows of goods transported by road.

Reinforcing vehicle and personal safety

  • Maycar: an application where the technical characteristics of all truck manufacturers and OEMs are centralised on a single server to accelerate the sharing and exchange of information between professionals.
  • Oil System: an eco-friendly stopper which allows oil changes and oil sampling as well as the refilling of tanks, without coming into contact with waste fluids (engine or hydraulic oils, coolants, urea, etc.).
  • Sentryo: a technological platform (hardware and software) designed to protect critical industrial networks from cybersecurity threats.

Making everyday life easier through new services

  • Carl: a short-distance carpooling service using the two free seats in driving school cars, at the end of the learner's training course.
  • MyBus: a free mobile app offering a timetable, a journey planner, real time and paperless ticket solutions on mobile phones: the m-Ticket.
  • ParkMatch: the first parking space rental service without requiring that the two people meet nor the modification of the existing door opening system, aiming to decongest road traffic in city centres by optimising underused parking spaces.
  • Réso-VO: a secure, no-obligation used heavy goods vehicle resale website.


The SOLUTRANS start-up village (Hall 4) - the must-see feature

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