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CARA, French cluster based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, comprises over 200 members, including manufacturers, transports operators, universities, research and education centers. CARA is associate member and representative of the PFA Automotive Industry and Mobilities.

CARA is an association aiming to be the leading French cluster in Europe addressing the global challenges of urban mobility and vehicles of tomorrow, that fulfills two missions:

  • Represent the regional automotive and industrial vehicles sector
  • Support the transformation of passengers and goods transport systems in urban environments.

From the drawing board through to market launch, CARA implements collective actions: research and innovation projects, pilots in real life situation, and measures for the economic and industrial development of its members.

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Chambre Syndicale Internationale de l'Automobile et du Motocycle (CSIAM)

Elle fédère et représente les intérêts des filiales françaises, des constructeurs automobiles étrangers (voiture, camion, bus et car, moto, scooter et cyclomoteur), soit :

  • pour la voiture, près de 45% du marché
  • pour le camion, près de 70% du marché
  • pour la moto, le scooter et les quads, plus de 80% du marché
  • pour le bus et car, près de 75% du marché.

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GL events

GL events works in the three main segments of event management: the organisation of exhibitions, conventions and events; event venue management on behalf of local authorities; and services for fairs, congresses and events. GL events accompanies firms, institutions and event organisers in establishing their event strategies through to the implementation of operations on the ground. 

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Ministère de l'Economie, de l'Industrie et du Numérique

The Ministry of the Economy and Finance prepares and implements French Government policy in the area of industry, small and medium sized enterprises, postal services and electronic communications, services and innovation. It consequently contributes to protecting and promoting employment in the industrial and service sectors. It exercises its attributed roles relating to the creation of new businesses and the simplification of the respective administrative processes.

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The general purposes of the organization are to defend the interests of the vehicle manufacturers, assemblers and importers grouped within their national federation and, in particular :

  • Link the national automobile associations,
  • Study issues of mutual interest relating to the development and future of the automobile industry,
  • Collect and circulate useful information among member associations,
  • Establish policies and positions on issues of mutual interest to the members,
  • Represent the automobile industry at the international level, in particular with intergovernmental and international bodies,
  • Disseminate and promote industry policies and positions among international bodies and the general public

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Only Lyon

Only Lyon is a body whose vocation is to promote the Greater Lyon region internationally and aims to make Lyon a European economic flagship by capitalising on its leadership in the areas of health, the environmental chemical industry, urban transport, technical textiles and digital leisure, in addition to its historical assets (tourism, history, gastronomy, heritage, etc...). 

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Founded in April 2009, PFA - Automotive Industry and Mobilities is a collective interest organisation for consultation and dialogue between manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive manufacturing industry.
Its objective is to improve and reinforce the overall competitivity of the automotive industry in France. Its scope of action includes:
- research, innovation, technology and its related standards
- job specialities, skills and training
- industrial excellence
- strategy and transformation

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Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

The Regional Council has a total of 204 regional councillors. Its role is to deal with the issues of the region in plenary meetings and permanent committees on aspects of everyday life such as transport, high schools and employment. 

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