Les Etoiles du Transport

Published on by Margaux Badran - updated on - Actualité

SOLUTRANS has teamed up with L’Officiel des Transporteurs and FranceRoutes to present the "Etoiles du Transport" awards on Friday 19 November on the FFC stand.

Aware of the importance of transport and logistics in economic life and of the work of the men and women who make up the sector, the magazines L’Officiel des Transporteurs and FranceRoutes, the leading business journals in this sector, have awarded the Etoiles du Transport every year since 1995.

  • Prestigious accolades are awarded each year to small and medium-sized businesses in the Transport sector.
  • These Trophies and Stars highlight business leaders and their teams for their outstanding strengths.
  • Approximately 150 transport companies.


The Etoiles du Transport judging panel is made up of members of the editorial teams of L’Officiel des Transporteurs and FranceRoutes.

During the evening, 6 prizes were awarded and each distinguishing the key strength of a French transport company:

  • SME Star

Winner 2021 : 


This goes to a SME which meets the five following criteria: corporate strategy and economic fundamentals, HR management and social policy, innovation and choice of investment, brand image, company director’s leadership and personality.

  • Young Business Leader Star

Winner 2021 : 


This goes to a business director under the age of 40, either having formed or taken over a company, who stands out through their dynamism, their achievements or their recent projects.

  • Innovation Star

Winner 2021 : 

Christophe JEGOU – Transports JEGOU

This rewards a company that has displayed imagination in human resource management (work organisation, project management, management tools, role of training, working conditions, etc.) or in the use of new technology (telematics, traceability, IT resources, data processing, alternative energy, connected vehicles, etc.) thus enhancing the appeal of jobs in transport.

  • Sole-Trade Transporter Star

Winner 2021 : 


This rewards a business owner who has spent most of their time behind the wheel, and who has stood out in several ways: development of their firm, promotion of the profession, introduction of innovative solutions, etc.

  • CSR Star

Winner 2021 : 


This goes to a business leader who has distinguished themselves through the deployment of innovative solutions and stands out in the area of low-carbon transition, but also HR solutions.

  • "Family Saga" Award

Winner 2021 : 

Marie et Matthieu BLANCHARD - Transports BLANCHARD-COUTAND

This rewards a business leader whose family is active in the firm and plays a key role in its development.