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The FFC, in partnership with the Rhône-Alpes rectorat, has again conducted an operation to host a space dedicated to training at SOLUTRANS.

Heavy commercial vehicles : A modern and constantly developing sector

Our aim at SOLUTRANS is to introduce you to vehicles and job disciplines to trigger new vocations in a dynamic and attractive sector.

  • Offer young people and their families a chance to discover the vehicle body building sector, its products, its jobs, and the qualifications needed  for a career in the sector.
  • Describe jobs and disciplines
  • Offer guidance on career paths and qualifications
  • Maintain and develop skills
  • Support transformation (digital tech, energy)

The partners of the 2021 Training Area



 The Campusdes Métiers et des Qualifications Auto'Mobilités, supported by the CARA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes competitiveness hub and cluster, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes academic region and the Lycée Polyvalent Aragon Picasso (Givors), invites you to visit its stand in the Training Area where it will be presenting its actions regarding the skills and professions of the vehicle of tomorrow.

In collaboration with professionals from the automotive and commercial vehicle sector, you will be able to find out about the jobs and training courses, ranging from CAP (vocational training certificate) to engineering degree, and discuss their transformations resulting from the development of new energy sources (electricity, hydrogen) and new uses for mobility.


AFTRAL, « Apprendre et se Former en TRAnsport et Logistique », (Learning and getting trained in Transport and Logistics), the leader in transport and logistics training in Europe, founded 60 years ago by professionals for professionals, provides training, every year in its 250 centres and schools, to nearly 200,000 people including 5,000 work-study apprentices.

On the AFTRAL stand this year:

  • A truck driving simulator,
  • A forklift driving simulator,
  • An experience to raise awareness of the harmful effects of alcohol and cannabis using simulation goggles,
  • Presentations during mini-talks of the transport and logistics training sectors from CAP to postgraduate degrees,
  • Presentations by training advisors on new training schemes and educational developments (@learning, safety and risk prevention, driver training, etc. ),
  • The chance to test drive one of AFTRAL's school vehicles on the outdoor test track.


The French Bodywork Federation’s Apprentice Training College a reference establishment for the education of future maintenance and repair specialists, will be pleased to welcome you on its stand to present its training offering.

The choice ranges from CAP to Bac Pro and now includes content related to vocational education, in different sections covering all the trades of the profession, from body repair to construction, including painting and mechanics / maintenance.

In addition to information and advice, visitors will also have the opportunity:

  • to test paint application practices on a vehicle component with a virtual reality paint simulator.



The Compagnons du Devoir invite you to their stand in the Training area where they will present their training offering, ranging from CAP to Professional Honours’ Degree.Reception of young people currently examining their career options to help them discover and promote the professions of Bodybuilder and bodywork repairer.

  • Reception of young people currently examining their career options to help them discover and promote the professions of Bodybuilder and bodywork repairer.
  • Presentation of the Academy du Pliage (a true productivity and skills development tool) in partnership with JEAN PERROT and HEXAGON RADAN. 
  • In addition to information and guidance, young people will also have the opportunity to discover a buggy made by bodywork construction apprentices.


The French Road Safety Delegation develops and implements road safety and civil protection policy, and provides its support for cross-ministerial action in this field.

At SOLUTRANS 2021, staff from the Rhône Prefecture – Safety and Civil Protection Directorate will communicate and inform participants on road safety and accident prevention.

Educational tools relating to the prevention of road hazards will be present on the stand, including:

  • 1 drink-driving and drug use test track, 1 reaction testing meter.


GARAC, the national college for the car, motorbike and commercial vehicle professions, whose founders include FFC, offer young people 22 different qualifications.

At SOLUTRANS, GARAC will focus on the following courses dealing with:

  • Bodywork: Bac Pro in Bodywork Construction, BTS in Bodywork Design and Production.
  • Commercial vehicle maintenance: BAC Pro in Commercial Vehicle Maintenance, CQP Expert in After-Sales Technician for cars and light commercial vehicles, BTS in Commercial Vehicle Maintenance, Mechatronics Engineer, Vehicle Assistance Engineering.
  • Auto Sales: BAC Pro in automotive trading and sales, BTS in Negotiation and Customer Relations digitalisation, CQP in Aftersales receiver.
  • Automotive Management: Honours Degree in Organisation and Management of Automotive Services, and the Mechatronics Engineering Vehicle Assistance course.

Our representatives will be on the GARAC stand to answer all your questions.

Thanks to its national scope, GARAC offers boarding accommodation or halls of residence to its students and apprentices who so wish.


In order to anticipate and satisfy the future needs of the profession and train the employees of tomorrow, our Technopolys l'Erier training centre offers work-study training courses preparing apprentices for the CAP, BAC-Pro, BTS, CQP TEAV diplomas in vehicle maintenance and the CAP, BAC-Pro in bodywork painting.

Background in the area of road transportation vehicles:

  • The maintenance of road transportation vehicles requires thorough knowledge of the mechanical basics in order to carry out parts changes, adjustments, metrology and diagnosis.
  • Electronics has become ubiquitous in the automotive sector in recent years, which has completely transformed vehicles (trucks, light commercial vehicles, buses, trailers, bodywork functions, etc.).
  • Electronic architectures based largely on vehicle connectivity, not to mention new on-board systems to meet the European standard in force, such as exhaust gas post-treatment systems, and systems relating to comfort, without forgetting increasingly demanding customers.
  • Thanks to telematics, vehicles can be fully checked over so as to perform preventive operations and reduce vehicle downtime costs, but also to increase productivity in workshops.

In the SOLUTRANS Training Area we will present our training courses dedicated to the automotive industry, with the participation of our apprentices who will talk about their career path and their life at work. It will also be an opportunity to present and provide training solutions for SOLUTRANS' partner companies in order to meet their expectations and concerns.

The stand will also feature:

  • An educational mock-up of a semi-trailer on which we will be running demonstrations on the pneumatic braking, pneumatic suspension and connectivity system to control their electronic operations! 

Also on the stand, there will be a technical training adviser, two apprentices and the Coordinator of the Partnership Platform and Head of the Road Transportation and Bodywork Painting department.