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For the fourth consecutive edition, SOLUTRANS will host the ITOY, IVOTY, IPUA and Truck Innovation Award 2022 ceremony. These awards are recognized by the industry and reward the excellence of manufacturers and reflect the trends of the industrial and urban vehicle.

The awards will be presented during the SOLUTRANS Gala Dinner on November 17, 2021.

International Truck of the Year (ITOY)

Established in 1977 by British journalist Pat Kennett, the International Truck of the Year Award is presented annually to the truck that has been introduced to the market in the previous 12 months and has had the greatest impact on road transport efficiency, based on several criteria, including:

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  • Technical innovation
  • Comfort
  • Safety and security
  • Driving experience
  • Energy consumption
  • Ecological impact
  • Total cost for the owner

The prize is awarded by a jury of 31 specialized journalists, each representing an editorial office in a different country (23 European and 8 non-European).

During its 44 years of existence, 10 companies from 7 different countries have shared the awards.

ITOY 2021:

Photo du MAN TGX

For its 2021 edition, the ITOY was awarded to MAN for the TGX. The low-energy consumption from the new cab aerodynamics, new engines and GPS-driven conduction as well as the innovations in safety were paramount in the jury's decision. 



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Truck Innovation Award

The latest of ITOY's awards, the Truck Innovation Award recognizes the truck of the future, fitting in perfectly with the energy transition that is transforming the road and urban transport sector.

To win this award, the nominated truck (which must be a drivable truck of at least 3.5 tons, not a single concept truck) must improve the ecological impact of the transport sector. To be eligible, the vehicle will have to present an alternative transmission or fuel (hybrid, electric, ...); or at least specific Hi-tech solutions in terms of connectivity (vehicle autonomy), maintenance or servicing (advanced diagnostic tools ...) at the prototype stage or in recent development.

This prize will be awarded by the same jury as the ITOY prize.

Truck innovation award 2021: 

Photo du trophée du truck innovation award
The award was presented to Mercedes-Benz Trucks for their efforts toward new energies, including their electromobility solution eAstros and their hydrogen-fueled concept truck GenH2.

International Van of the Year (IVOTY)

The International Van of the Year Award was launched in 1992 as a complement to ITOY. The jury is mostly common to both awards, with a few exceptions, and represents 25 European newspapers.

The main criteria for the International Van of the Year Award is its contribution to the efficiency, safety, sustainability and environmental standards of the light trucking industry. To be eligible, the vehicle must be new, in series production by the end of the year for which it receives the award, and present a significant technological innovation compared to previous generation models. 

IVOTY 2021:

Planche informative sur la victoire de PSA à IVOTY 21

Groupe PSA was rewarded with this prestigious award in 2021 for its group-wide development in electromobility: Peugeot e-Expert, Citroën e-Dispatch/e-Jumpy, Opel & Vauxhall Vivaro-e.

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International Pick-Up Award (IPUA)

Every other year since 2009, the IVOTY jury also elects the International Pick-up Award. It rewards the most efficient pick-up released since the previous edition.

The decision is based on the vehicle's functionality, its efficiency and its performances. 

IPUA 2020:

The latest IPUA was awarded to the Ford Ranger during SOLUTRANS 2019. 

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