Exhibitor FAQ

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  1. 1 Exhibitor Area
  2. 2 Exhibitor Badge
  3. 3 General Information

1. Exhibitor Area

How can I get access to my exhibitor area ? Fermer

Your exhibitor area, which allows you to organize your participation at the show, can be reached at this link : Home - SOLUTRANS 2021

I’ve lost/ forgotten my login/password for my exhibitor area Fermer

Your login is the e-mail address of your company’s stand manager which you provided when you signed your contract.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, simple enter your login and click on “Forgot password?” You will be sent a new password automatically by e-mail to your stand manager’s inbox.

2. Exhibitor Badge

Can the badge be modified ? Fermer

Badges are personal and name-specific, so they cannot be modified once they are ordered. All orders placed are final and definitive.

3. General Information

What is the first condition to be able to exhibit ? Fermer

The first condition to exhibit is to have a legal form.

Individuals cannot exhibit on the show.

What are the stand assembly and dismantling dates and times ? Fermer

Stand assembly:

From 11 to 14 November from 07:00 to 20:00

15 November from 07:00 to midnight


20 November from 19:00 to midnight

21 November from 07:00 to midnight

22 November from 07:00 to 12:00

These times are also printed on your exhibitor badge and in the exhibitor guide.

Is there a catering service at the show ? Fermer

You can order catering services in your exhibitor area.

Is there a parking area? Fermer

Yes, the Eurexpo park has several paying parking lots for visitors and exhibitors. They will be indicated at the entrance of the park.

The price of parking is €76.67 for cars and €99.17 for trucks.

Download the parking map