1. Visitor area

What is my visitor area for? Fermer

After any order in the store or badge request, your visitor area is automatically created. This personal space allows you to :

  • Track your orders online
  • Print your badges
  • Request invitation letters (visa) for your badges
  • Finalize an unfinished (or pending) order

How can I retrieve my password to access my visitor area? Fermer

For security reasons, the SOLUTRANS exhibition team cannot give you your password by phone or e-mail. We invite you to click on the link "Forgot my password" on the home page of your visitor area.

2. Visitor badge

When will it be possible to order my badge online? Fermer

To order your badge online, please visit our website  at the end of May 2021.

How do I order my badge online? Fermer

Please come back at the end of May 2021 to order your badge online.

Can I edit the badge? Fermer

A badge is personal and nominative, it cannot be modified once ordered. Any order placed is final.

Does the badge I ordered online give me direct access to the show? Fermer

Yes, the badge ordered online allows you direct access to SOLUTRANS and is valid for the entire show. Present it at the entrance of the show and you will avoid the queues.

Can I access the exhibition with an e-badge on a mobile phone? Fermer

You can access the show by presenting your badge on an electronic device.

What can I do if I haven't received my badge after having requested it online? Fermer

Once you have filled in and validated your SOLUTRANS participation file, you will receive a summary by e-mail. However, if this summary does not appear in your mailbox:

  • Make sure that the summary containing your badge has not been identified as spam.
  • Did you enter the correct email address when filling out your entry form?
  • Also, make sure you have completed the process. You may not have completed your order. In this case, check your mailbox: an e-mail to create your personal account has been sent to you. Connect to your personal space to finalize your order.
  • If the problem persists, please contact our team by e-mail at the following address: [email protected]

What can I do if my badge is available in my personal space, but I can't see it? Fermer

The SOLUTRANS access badge is in PDF format. If you have difficulties to open it, we recommend you to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

3. Invitations

How can I use the paper invitation card I received? Fermer

The invitation card to the show is valid online, you must request your badge using the invitation code on the paper card. You can also register at the entrance of the show, but we recommend you to do it in advance and online to avoid queues on the D-day.

4. Accommodation

Do you have any hotel recommendations for me? Fermer

You can check accommodation offers close to the Eurexpo Lyon exhibition center via B-Network, the exhibition's official hotel reservation center, and get a preferential rate.

5. General

Are there access facilities for people with reduced mobility? Fermer

The Eurexpo Lyon Exhibition Center is fully equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility.

The Exhibition Centre also provides a free pick-up service (transfer from parking lots, wheelchairs, etc.).

To find out more

Is there a parking area? Fermer

Yes, the Eurexpo park has several paying parking lots for visitors and exhibitors. They will be indicated at the entrance of the park.

The price of parking is €14 including VAT.

Download the parking map

Are there any cloakrooms ? Fermer

Several cloakrooms  are available in the halls of Eurexpo Lyon.

Consult the locker cloakrooms 

Can I bring my child / children ? Fermer

You may of course come to the show with your children, but since it is an exhibition for professionals, SOLUTRANS is not a suitable event for them (there is no dedicated area or kindergarten for them). 

Can I come with my dog ? Fermer

No animals are allowed at the show, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.

Where can I get a copy of the exhibition catalogue ? Fermer

The show’s official catalogue is free of charge and will be on display for you to pick up at the show entrances.

Are there any restaurants at the show ? Fermer

Yes, you will find plenty of places to eat and drink on site (snack bars, restaurants, etc.).

Is the show free ? Fermer

Yes, SOLUTRANS is free of charge for visitors.