New powerful, smart charging options from Mastervolt

New models join the CHARGEMASTER PLUS family of battery chargers. 

Mastervolt, part of Advanced Systems Group (ASG) by Brunswick, is pleased to announce the arrival of four new ChargeMaster Plus models – the 12/35-3, 12/50-3, 24/20-3 and the 24/30-3. These models have 3 outputs capable of delivering the maximum current for fast charging, and the pre-float available on all outputs eliminates the risk of overcharging (each output can individually go into pre-float, which means voltage is no longer applied when not needed), keeping full charge current available for the other outputs. Quieter, smaller and lighter in weight than previous designs, the latest additions to the ChargeMaster Plus family are easy to install in places where space is limited, and are perfectly usable as a plug-and-play standalone battery charger or as part of a larger system

All-in-one for faster and safer charging.

These new ChargeMaster Plus models join a family of Mastervolt chargers that integrate multiple functions into one single device. The chargers reduce the complexity and cost of multiple battery installations by incorporating all the additional components, including auxiliary chargers, battery isolators and VSR (voltage sensing relay, into one strongly built cabinet. The chargers also have built-in priority charge, which redirects available power to the battery with the least charge, for faster charging, and a revival mode to automatically revive batteries should they ever become fully depleted.

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