At Solutrans, Libner will showcase the electrified version of this full-opening body

Libner Group

Activity : Manufacturing of truck bodies and body kits for a range of products from 3.5T to 44T for truck chassis, trailers and semi-trailers.

4 divisions : Libner founded in 1965, Bâches Jean acquired in 1988 and Palkit in 2006, Libner Polska set up in 2008.

Employees : 283 people employed in the group.

Production : 5000 body kits/truck bodies per year.

Its design significantly increases the payload of the vehicle and is therefore ideally suited for Light Commercial Vehicles for all kind of distribution transports. The model presented is fitted to a FUSO e-Canter 7.5T chassis with a 100% electric engine.

Finally, some of the features showcased such the electric driven side panels or cantilever tail lift are optional extras, as well as the reinforced anti-theft side curtains

The side opening distribution van : 

What could be simpler than a beverage distributor truck body!

Of course, appearances should not be taken for granted. Behind this rustic appearance lies a simple and efficient mechanicsm offering its users reliability in all tests.

The INTEGRALE truck body, designed to last, meets the requirements of beverage distributors who are looking for a product that will last over time and with the lowest possible maintenance costs.

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