Microlise to Present Award-Winning, Integrated Transport Management Solution at Solutrans 2021

Microlise, a leading provider of transport management software to fleet operators, will be at Solutrans 2021 to present the new modules in its integrated suite of solutions designed for Transport and Logistics operators.

• Our new Planning & Optimisation solution has been designed to support operators to maximise the use of their available resources, producing optimised plans based on available drivers, vehicles, and workload, typically in minutes rather than hours.

A unique visualisation feature allows planners to monitor the progress of the algorithm while it is calculating an optimal plan. Run time KPIs, including orders assigned/unassigned, vehicles used, available drivers, planned distance, duty time and total planned delays are monitored, allowing users to stop the algorithm when KPIs reach an acceptable level. The product also factors in a range of variables to minimise the need for staff input, allowing for last-minute consignments to be added at a much later point in the day.

• Journey Management is one of the three central building blocks of Microlise's Transport and Logistics solution, making it possible to track drivers, optimise available resources and reduce operational costs. Users can monitor transport operations in real-time and compare execution with what was originally planned. A Schedule Execution Board (SEB) provides a detailed view of job status, while an airport-style arrivals and departures board details all fleet movements, allowing customers and delivery sites to prepare for incoming arrivals - or to manage deliveries that may be early or late. 

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