Takler’s headquarters are located in the industrial area of Matera

Takler has over 70 employees with a plant of 15000 square meters.

Since 2005, Takler produces and sells accessories for trailers and semitrailers; over the years new branches were set up in Germany, Usa; in 2019 a dedicated extrusion division was also implemented, so that more and more customers were reached.

On the occasion of 2021 Solutrans, Takler will introduce:

- Accessories for trucks and trailers, such as suspended pullout and folding ladders, lateral protection device, fixed wheel carrier for single tire, new homologated rear aluminium bumper with new homologation and lashing track samplings.

- NEW: “Klever”, aluminium locks for sideboards for trailers and LCV 3 designs: “Klever a”, “Klever b” and “Klever c”

- More than 100 types, suitable for any manufacturing requirements, available with coated steel or PA6+30%FG photo-etched handle – patent pending inside scrolling mechanism

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