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SOLUTRANS 2021 : A federating edition revolving around low-carbon energy and innovation for responsible transport

The 16th edition of the tradeshow SOLUTRANS, to take place from 16 to 20 November 2021 at Lyon Eurexpo, is shaping up to be a platform for business recovery, coming as the only international event in 2021 dealing in innovation and information for the truck sector.
As the international trade show for road and urban transport solutions, SOLUTRANS mirrors the upturn in the fortunes of the industry and all indicators point to it being a successful edition, with 60,000 professionals and 1,000 exhibitors and brands expected to attend. With 70% of its surface area already booked to date and an additional hall compared with the last session, the show is more attractive than ever to all the industry’s stakeholders, and offers an even broader range and more extensive content, focusing on responsible transport.

SOLUTRANS 2021: an edition held under the banner of economic recovery

SOLUTRANS 2019, the most successful edition in the show’s history, recorded 56,000 visits, corresponding to an increase of nearly 11% on 2017. Nine hundred exhibitors and brands were represented at this 2019 show, up 47% on the 2017 event, and this figure included 31% of new exhibitors.

Entrée extérieure du salon SOLUTRANS

For the 2021 event, 70% of the surface area is already booked, which indicates that industry professionals are likely to mobilise in their masses at the show.

To date, the exhibition has registered the participation of many leading names from the HGV sector: HGV manufacturers, French and European trailer and semitrailer factures, bodywork and vehicle equipment manufacturers, without forgetting LCV bodybuilders, tyre professionals and services to companies (IT, consulting and business solutions).


The lights are green for the sector

Following a year of mixed fortunes due to the Covid crisis, 2021 offers more healthy economic prospects. The BIPE forecasts 4.2% growth in 2021 and 3.6% growth in 2022.
This recovery ties in with the transition to a low carbon economy and new obligations to reduce carbon emissions which is to be achieved through the energy mix, with an increase in the registrations of vehicles that do not run on diesel.

Furthermore, many transport companies have displayed their intention to upgrade and replace parts of their vehicle fleets.

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