The new ultra 1250 battery joins MASTERVOLT'S LITHIUM ION range

  • Ideal for applications where long lifespan, lightweight, fast charging & compactness are key
  • Provides an alternative green energy source
  •  Equipped with an integrated Battery Management System

Mastervolt, part of Advanced Systems Group (ASG) by Brunswick, is delighted to announce the arrival of the new MLI Ultra 1250, the latest addition to their Lithium Ion battery range. Available in both 12 V and 24 V models, the MLI Ultra 1250 is the most compact battery in Mastervolt’s range and is ideal for both marine and mobile applications. This is due to the high energy density within the battery cells which together offers up to 70% space and weight savings compared to traditional leadacid batteries. Weighing just 15 kg and measuring 330 x 173 x 210 mm, the MLI Ultra 1250 offers a considerable benefit for vessels and vehicles where space is at a premium. It has been designed as a drop-in replacement for size Group 31 and Group 49 (85-90 Ah) batteries.

The MLI Ultra 1250 has a realistic lifespan of over 2000 cycles at an impressive depth of discharge (DOD) of 80 %. This deep cycling means five times more energy storage than lead acid batteries thanks to features such as exceptionally high efficiency, the almost complete absence of self discharge and the minimal build up of the infamous ‘memory effect’. As with the whole MLI Ultra range, the MLI Ultra 1250 can be recharged within 60 minutes.

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