GREENMOT supports industrial vehicle manufacturers in engineering development and validation tests

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The collective awareness regarding environmental protection encourages the manufacturers and the equipment manufacturers to develop technologies and energy-efficient vehicles. In this dynamics, GREENMOT, test center new generation, created its own cell of climatic test capable of answering the new technical needs for the manufacturers.

Present in SOLUTRANS 2017(21 on 25 November 25th), GREENMOT puts itself as a new European Test center dedicated to industrial vehicles (Trucks, Buses). GREENMOT brings its expertise to the service of vehicle development focused on global energy efficiency. Approaches are based on new methodologies and specific sensors designed to bring up to 10 times greater level of precision of existing ones.

Regarding its characteristics, GREENMOT Test cell is compatible for direct mechanical connection with all kind of vehicle (Conventional, Hybrid, Gas and Electric) up to 600kW and 18m length. The tests are operated under controlled and extreme climatic conditions (-46°C à +55°C) with possibility of a solar simulation of 1.200W/m2. The combination of all these features make it a unique and new generation test cell in Europe. Finally, strong expertise provided by GREENMOT engineers helps manufacturers towards the development of tomorrow’s technologies by bringing once again innovative solutions.

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