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Find the conference programme of SOLUTRANS 2019, the Largest European Gathering of Electric Heavy Goods and Urban Vehicles, from 3.5 to 44 tonnes. Something for everyone hosted by Hervé Rebillon.

Discover the 2019 talks programme

  • New transport modes, by road and air: challenges and issues for carriers and shippers
  • Connected trucks and LCVs: when data escapes from the control of the transport sector
  • French logistics, the future flagship of collaborative robotics
  • International lecture by URF (French Roads Union) on vehicle-to-infrastructure communication
  • Transport and logistics ecosystem, the state of play of basic training and employment
  • Cybersecurity in transport, new attack modes and mitigation solutions
  • The new job areas in the supply chain and logistics, what impact on transport?

To be followed at the Norbert DETOUX Lecture Theatre now in Place des Lumières

Two new media highlights to discover

The SOLUTRANS Breakfast

Every morning when doors open, Hervé REBILLON interviews an industry figure on major industry issues, with questions submitted by social media contributors.

SOLUTRANS Transport Experts

Every evening shortly before closing time, Hervé Rébillon hosts a round table featuring specialist journalists, dealing with a major theme in the sector.