Connected vehicles

The connected vehicle exists as a reality today. Vehicle manufacturers, a great many OEMS and software developers are accelerating the conversion of vehicles to the digital era. 

This means that heavy goods vehicles take on the aspect of powerful computers.

They capitalise on the rapid enhancement of communications networks (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, 4G and soon 5G, low bandwidth for connected devices, etc...), geographical databases connected to road analysis radar systems and the increasingly accurate geo-positioning of GNSS.

Data now feeds back from the vehicle to the firm or the workshop.

A business owner can monitor every single kilometre covered by their vehicles, and the recipient of the delivery has access to information systems to find out at what time their goods will arrive. Tomorrow, vehicles will also become autonomous. Manufacturers are conducting tests with promising results. It still remains however to achieve the smooth cohabitation of all road traffic. The manufacturers present at SOLUTRANS will unveil the latest advances in these areas. 

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