Transportation is no stranger to the development of digitalisation and databases. As in any other sector, data must be protected so as to avoid any risk of being hacked. 

Far too often, companies misjudge the effects of these new working methods on employees. The risks of intrusion through a connected trailer or tyre are genuine risks, and making networks and information systems secure is a challenge parallel to the digital revolution, which the IT world is finally addressing. 

SMEs are often the first victims of cybercrime and the hacking that comes as a result.

This can occur for example in the form of remotely-installed encryption software locking down data which will only be returned to the company in return for a ransom. These are not the only risks. There are also technological and cyber threats relating to the unconsidered use of data transfer on low security networks. This risk is exacerbated by the use of mobile devices.

 As a result, business directors must be advised and supported by competent partners in terms of economic expediency and risk transfer.

Specialists in “close corporate protection” exhibiting at SOLUTRANS will reveal the latest advances in data protection and in the optimisation of information exchange.

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