Euro 6, gas, electric, hydrogen, up-and-coming energies

For the first time in Europe, carbon dioxide emission standards for LCVs and HGVs have been set. Environmental restrictions are now an obligation for heavy-duty vehicle owners but also manufacturers. 

And there is no lack of alternatives to the traditional fuel for this vehicle segment, diesel. The first solutions, focusing initially on hydrocarbons other than crude oil, have been joined by renewable energy and new power vectors. And the choice is wide-ranging: gas, biofuel, electricity, hydrogen. Gas appears to have taken a substantial lead by driving further and becoming cheaper. The electric truck market is promising and should rocket between now and 2025, growing from 180,000 vehicles worldwide to 1.2 million. Does this mean that the days of diesel are numbered? It should be observed that the standards to minimise or even eradicate its pollution are producing conclusive results. We haven’t heard the last from manufacturers..