From vehicle connectivity to automation, innovation driven by data

Today, the focus is on connectivity in mobility. LCVs and HGVs had already innovated a decade ago by becoming “communicating” and “connected”. Drivers now receive assistance in their driving and for their other missions (safety, eco-driving, etc.). This is a crucial step before possibly advancing to autonomous trucks capable of driving themselves on the road.

Connectivity is a source of concern. “Open data” LCVs and trucks are a genuine sticking point for buyers, as carriers have genuine reservations about data protection. Cybersecurity is today a major issue in the transport and truck sector, from production to operation, but the profession must go further to reassure people.

SOLUTRANS 2019 will provide an opportunity for an update on various connectivity systems in road transport and the presence of Internet of Things in transport. We will also examine its safety aspect and what they genuinely contribute to companies’ everyday operations.