Innovation through the technology of electrified highways and vehicles

Electric mobility has today become a reality and was in the spotlight throughout 2018. Technology is developing fast, and in a short space of time heavy-duty vehicles have become genuine life-size laboratories. All LCV and HGV manufacturers have today launched their electric range, with vehicles driving on this technology starting from 3.5 tonnes.

In parallel, an electric industrial sector has emerged bringing together electricity industry and vehicle stakeholders, including urban transport. Heavy duty vehicle manufacturers and OEMs specialising in electrical fittings are working closely together. The problems relating to batteries and charging stations are in the process of being solved. Power supply modes are also changing. Plans for electrified roads have fed through from northern Europe and tests are beginning in this country.

Public subsidies are required to guarantee the competitivity of electric vehicles, since electric LCVs and HGVs are very expensive, beyond the purchasing possibilities of many transport companies. SOLUTRANS 2019 will be the meeting place for thought on electrification and its possible extensions. Experts and users of electric vehicles (LCVs, trucks) will contribute their insight.