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Area dedicated to mobility and smart transport. 

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Convargo wants to revolutionize the freight road market by solving its inefficiencies. We connect shippers and carriers in real time. We enable shippers to enter their transporting needs on the platform and make a quotation thanks to our pricing algorithm. A carrier takes charge of the freight and the shipper follows the delivery thanks to geolocation. Carriers fill their trucks and shippers save time. This product makes the industry more efficient and has a positive environmental impact.


Dashdoc helps carriers and shippers manage their digital consignment notes. We're making paper a thing of the past, enabling carriers to bill instantly and offer the best service to their clients. Dashdoc is the first french electronic CMR service to have been approved by the ministries of transport in France and Belgium, which makes it valid for every country that has ratified the eCMR protocol.


Maycar, expertise / guidance / study in truck. The application developed by our design office aims at centralising in one same server all the technical specificities of truck makers and parts manufacturers so as to speeding up the sharing and trading of data between professionals.  You can draw up your requirements in 5 mn and quickly receive a detailed  and personalised solution, for an accurate and efficient presentation for customers.


Fewer kilometers, lower costs, more flexibility, it is possible thanks to the interaction of OPTRAN and NavMeTo!

- OPTRAN:  dispatching and route optimization app, by aggregating field information from NavMeTo.
- NavMeTo: Navigation app for drivers where they receive mission orders directly and use it for GPS navigation. It gives real time feedback to the operators, All the information concerning the tours and possible incidents.


Réso-VO is a company of specialists and trade professionals of industrial vehicles. The most advantageous of the market for sell or buy second-hand industrial equipment. Based on the concept of « the best offering » access to the site is entirely free and without commitment, you just need to register and you will find all details of its operation.


Shippeo is the first collaborative platform to monitor road freight transport flows. Thanks to its revolutionary web platform and its mobile application for drivers, Shippeo allows the rapid exchange of traceability information between all the parties involved in the logistics chain: the shipper, the forwarder, the carrier, the driver and the final recipient of the goods. Shippeo's customers get total visibility into their transport flows, anticipating delivery delays and contingencies, reducing transport penalties, measuring reliably the performance of their carriers, and generating productivity gains for their operational teams. Shippeo can be interfaced with the main TMS, WMS and ERP on the market, both on the shipper and carrier sides, in order to centralize the management of transport orders and provide a high-performance, independent technological tool.