The international awards are back at SOLUTRANS for the 3rd edition in a row !

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For the third edition in a row, SOLUTRANS was holding the award ceremony of the ITOY, IVOTY, IPUA and, for the first time, the Truck Innovation Award. The ceremony was held during the Gala Dinner, on Wednesday, November 20.

The 2020 International Truck of the Year...

The Mercedes Actros Generation 6 was elected Truck of the Year 2020.

The 2020 international Van of the Year...

The Ford Transit Custom Hybrid was nammed the Van of the Year 2020. 

The 2020 international Pick-up Award...

The IPUA was awarded to Ford for the Ranger

The 2020 Truck Innovation Award...

This ITOY spin-off, launched in 2018, recognizes tomorrow's truck, which fit perfectly the environmental transition transforming the road and urban transport sector.

The Hyundai H2 XCIENT was awarded the Truck Innovation Award.

A Propos des Prix internationaux

The International Truck of the Year Award

logo truck year

Created in 1977 by British Journalist Pat Kennett, the International Truck of the Year award is presented to the truck truck introduced into the market in the previous 12 months which has made the greatest contribution to road transport efficiency, according to several important criteria including :

  • technological innovation
  • comfort
  • safety
  • driveability
  • fuel economy
  • environmental ‘footprint’
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The decision is made by a jury composed from a specialist journalist from 31 countries (23 European and 8 extra-european). All together, they reach over 1 000 000 readers worldwide.

Over 42 past years, the prizewinners came from 10 different companies, from over 7 countries around the world.

SOLUTRANS is proud to welcome once again the 2020 ITOY award ceremony in 2019, for its third edition in a row.


Major trends in 2020 :

The award follows the defining trends of the market : sustainability, urbanization and digitalization.

Visit the ITOY website



From 2018, a new annual ToY award is established, called ‘Truck Innovation Award’ and reflects the ongoing energy-transition taking place within the automotive industry towards new, unconventional, low-environmental footprint trucks.

The main criterion for the nomination and the election of any truck as ‘Truck Innovation Award’ shall be based on its likely contribution to increasing the efficiency of transport of goods by road in the foreseeable future, as well as the potential reduction of its environmental footprint within the countries involved in the International Truck of the Year Organisation.

The nominated truck must be an advanced technology vehicle, with a gross vehicle weight over 3.5 tonnes. It should feature an alternative driveline ― e.g. hybrid, hybrid range-extender, all-electric―or have an alternative fuel-system such as LNG/CNG/ hydrogen/fuel cells etc. Otherwise, it will feature specific ‘Hi-tech’ solutions in terms of ‘vehicle connectivity’― whether semi-autonomous /fully-autonomous driving systems, ‘platooning’ capability, advanced support services such as remote diagnostics etc.―that are still in a prototype/early-development phase (single unit), or in ‘small series’ production.

This will be nominated and judged in parallel to the existing International Truck of the Year award.

Download the Truck Innovation Award Annoucement press release (2018)


International Van of the Year (IVOTY)

The International Van of the Year award started in 1992 as a spin-off of ITOY. Most of the jury members are the same and so are the magazines they represent. There are 25 jury members, each representing a different European magazine.

The main criterion is its contribution to high standards of efficiency, safety, with respect to environment and the sustainability of the transport of light goods by road. To be eligible, the vehicle must be new, produced in series by the end of the year it is awarded for and must contain considerable technological improvement compared to previous generation models.

After 28 editions, 36 awards have been presented to 5 companies from 10 countries.


International Pick-Up Award (IPUA)

IPUA logo

Every other year since 2009, the IVOTY jury also vote for the International Pick-Up Award.

Criteria for IPUA is that it meets and serves the needs of the business/utility user in an efficient and economical manner, with class leading off-road ability.

Visit the IVOTY and IPUA website