Equip and brighten up your stand

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Arrange your stand to welcome your customers

  • Try to make your stand as open, welcoming and well-lit as possible, and easy to move around in
    Visitors will be more inclined to stop and ask for information
  • Plan one or several spaces where you can talk with customers and sales prospects
    Visitors appreciate the chance to discuss the products and services in a comfortable setting, or simply to take a brochure offered to them
  • Take care with your graphic communication and display your key messages
    So that visitors can quickly understand your business


Plan to have an exhibition or demonstration space in which to show your new solutions, products or services

  • Visitors come to the show to discover what you have to offer
  • A stand with one or several demonstrations attracts the interest of visitors
  • If you have registered in a visitor trail, publicise the fact!

Display your expertise and know-how clearly on drop banners or posters which present your activity

Missions / Solutions / Benefits

  • Indicate your customer references
  • Your website address or a QR code
  • Your social media accounts


Place emphasis on customer relationsget your employees involved or hire and brief a stand hostess


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