PALKIT is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of light, medium and heavy-duty truck and van body KITS located in France.

PALKIT is the leader in custom built bodies meeting any demands your business may require. From dry freight delivery to construction site boxes as well as work-shops boxes, we have a solution to suit your industry and keep your business moving ahead.

The kit structures are made of aluminium extrusion profiles and our production is split in different product families:

  • Smooth aluminium kits consisting of aluminium panels of 583 or 375 mm wide assembled with clamped aluminium profiles,
  • Fibreglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP) panel kits,
  • Lightweight panel kits: polyester skin reinforced with vertical aluminium uprights, lightweight panel with a high density PET foam core,
  • Insulated panel kits using a polyurethane foam core,
  • Curtain side bodies,
  • Sub-frame either in aluminium or galvanised steel


LIBNER - Saint-Maixent l’Ecole (79400) – France :
Production site specialized in the design and manufacturing of a complete range of bodies and body kits for light and heavy duty trucks from 3,5 T to 44 T.

Bâche Jean - Saint- Maixent l’Ecole (79400) – France :
Production site specialized in manufacturing tarpaulin and curtains for both transport and leisure industries.

Palkit - Vonnas (01540) – France :
Production site specialized in the design and manufacturing of a complete range of light, medium and heavy-duty truck and van body KITS suitable for commercial vehicle from 3,5 T to semitrailers.

Libner Polska - Kutno – Poland :
Production site specialized in subcontracting for laser cutting, folding and welding, Libner Polska also assembles bodies for the Eastern European market.


Dry box fitted to an electric vehicle : “Urban freight distribution”

Dry box mounted on a new GOUPIL-G6 vehicle chassis (GVWR 2,5 tonnes) Built as a test product for marker research, we have used 14 mm FRP panels, a rear frame with 2 barn doors and 1 external sliding door on the right-hand side – unlocking from the inside. This product will be available next year 2020

BeeBOX : “Dry box for light-duty truck”
Sides and bulkhead can be constructed with 14 mm thick Fibreglass Reinforced Plywood panels or durable 17 mm gel coated (polyethylene terephthalate) with a high density PET foam core. This dry box supplied with the sub-frame (aluminium longitudes and galvanised steel or aluminium cross-members) is available on cargo or courier applications. This lightweight construction is a significant advantage in respect of payload to meet the new test called the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

Aluminium sub-frame: "Body range 6.5 T max."

Mechanical assembly – bolted sub-frame, no welding, Decking supported by aluminium longitudes and ALUMINIUM or GALVANISED STEEL cross-members for a quick assembly. This product is available for all lightweight vehicle chassis. Optional extras : floors panels, one piece floor panel with non-slip structure on the inside, mudguards, side-guards, lighting kit, pull-out step for easier access and convenience

EUROPAL & CLASSIC : “European Standard EN 12642 XL” You have asked for it, we got it ! »

PALKIT designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of products in accordance with the EN 12642 XL European standards on the securing of cargo on road vehicles. Both of our executions EUROPAL & CLASSIC have successfully obtained the certification for all types of vehicles up to 19 t and 26t on some versions.

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