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SCHEUERLE and NICOLAS expand Solutrans fair product scope

SCHEUERLE presents new low-bed semi-trailer in payload segment up to 50 t, the new vehicle rounds off EuroCompact family at the lower end and NICOLAS expands sales operations and extends its range of services.

The Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) subsidiaries, NICOLAS and SCHEUERLE, are presenting at the Solutrans international commercial vehicle trade fair in Lyon from 19th to 23rd November. Taking centre stage (Stand 4 K 145) is the unveiling of the new two-axle low-bed semi-trailer of theEuroCompact series. With this vehicle along with a three-axle version, SCHEUERLE has successfully rounded off its product range at the bottom end. The new models not only offer outstanding payload capacity in this particular segment but also ease of operation and low operating costs.

SCHEUERLE's low-bed semi-trailer

The new EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailer from SCHEUERLE is available with two or three-axle rear bogie unit.

With this completely new low-bed semi-trailer of the EuroCompact series, SCHEUERLE - like NICOLAS, a TII Group company belonging to the Otto Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family – has opened up a new product segment as well as being able to round off its range of vehicles for on-road use. The new two and three-axle low-bed trailers have been tailored precisely to suit the demanding requirements of the companies´ customers in the freight forwarding, construction, agricultural and forestry sectors. In the payload classes up to approx. 30 tonnes (two-axle) and 50 tonnes (three-axle), simple and time-saving handling as well as high payload and low operating costs are among the key requests of the fleet operators. The two new EuroCompact models fully meet these requirements.


A payload increase of up to 1.5 tonnes compared to similar vehicles

The low-bed semi-trailer is available with a two or three-axle rear bogie unit complete with pendulum axles, and the basic versions – and also depending on the fifth wheel load of the tractor - can accommodate payloads of up to 36,000 and 47,000 kilograms respectively (at 80 km/h and axle loads of 12,000 kilograms).  Depending on the version, the dead weight of this semi-trailer combination is around 13,000 (two-axle) or under 16,000 kilograms (three-axle). Thus, the dead weight is below that of comparable solutions. In both cases, SCHEUERLE has set new standards in the segment and offers its customers outstanding vehicle load capacities.


Semi-trailer falls under the single driver classification despite the telescopic extension

The telescoping platform deck in the low-bed can easily be telescoped in both models. Even in the basic position, the loading area has a length of 6,620 or 7,610 millimetres respectively. With the help of the extension, the loading area is subsquently extended by 5,650 millimetres to reach a length of 12,270 millimetres for the two-axle and by 5,000 millimetres to realise a length of 12,610 millimeters in the case of the three-axle vehicle. This facilitates the loading 40-foot containers such as those frequently used in the freight forwarding business for example.Thanks to the excellent cornering characteristics and steering performance of the pendulum axle bogie, both versions (depending on the dimensions and weight of the cargo) are classified as vehicles that can be operated with only one driver in spite of having a combined vehicle length of up to 23 metres. It is therefore not necessary, even with an extended low-bed trailer, that a second driver is also in the driver´s cab or is following in an escort vehicle. This saves customers the expense of additional personnel and allows a more cost-effective approval procedure.

Remote control simplifies loading procedures and increases safety
SCHEUERLE's low bed semi-trailer

The new EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailer from SCHEUERLE is available with two or three-axle rear bogie unit.

An outstanding feature is also the straightforward operations of the new EuroCompact models. As a result, the gooseneck can be safely coupled and uncoupled on uneven road surfaces and rough terrain. Responsible for this is an innovative geometry of the locking mechanism. In addition, a radio remote control is optionally available for the vehicles of this series with which the driver can control the trailer tracking as well as the raising and lowering of the gooseneck and bogie unit (total axle compensation of 650 millimetres) from the driver´s cab. In the process, SCHEUERLE simplifies loading operations and the driver can avoid frequent getting in and out of the cab during transport. A huge safety advantage!

Proven components ensure high availability

At the same time, SCHEUERLE is using tried-and-tested components along with further optimised steering geometry for the new series in order to guarantee its customers a high level of availability, low tyre wear and low operating costs, also for the new EuroCompact vehicles. This and the simplified loading processes, the quick coupling and uncoupling of the gooseneck as well as the comparatively uncomplicated approval procedures enable the fleet operator to carry out extremely cost-effective heavy haulage assignments and thus increase the company´s competitiveness on the market.


The equipment for the series includes a very wide and deep prism boom recess in the rear bogie unit, for example, in order to accommodate an excavator bucket. Furthermore, there is a wide range of practical options with which the vehicles can be better adapted to suit customer requirements. Customers can order the new low-bed semi-trailer in time for the start of the Solutrans fair!

SPMT light is the best selling vehicle for in-house logistics

With the modular, self-propelled SPMT Light transport platform (SPMT = Self Propelled Modular Transporter), SCHEUERLE is also showcasing a real bestseller in Lyon. The individual modular transporters of this series can be connected together as required. They can be coupled mechanically or electronically in a loose coupling mode. Thus, the SPMT vehicles are suitable for the transportation of almost every type of load. An essential feature of the SPMT Light series is the compact design of the vehicle modules. The transport platform has container dimensions of 6,000 x 2,430 millimetres with two or four pendulum axle lines and an integrated Power Pack Unit (PPU) which ensures optimum flexibility for lightweight assignments such as in-house shipping to and from the production halls.

Already available today with emission-free electric drive

The SPMT Light features the advantages of the SPMT. These include the robust construction of the bogie units and the electronic multi-directional steering complete with all known steering programs which facilitate extremely accurate positioning of the modules. The 700 mm stroke always provides enough space for lifting and positioning loads in a vertical direction. In addition, the SPMT Light is available with both diesel and electric drives.

Vehicle overhaul ensures value retention and functionality

Basically, the vehicles of all TII Group brands are extremely robust and continue to maintain their value which is why they have a very long service life in customer fleets. In order to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness and functionality over the long term, a technical overhaul of the heavy-duty transporters - the so-called refurbishing - at regular intervals makes sense and is highly recommended. Also modifications to the respective vehicle for allowing additional tasks are a commonplace occurance. On the Solutrans stand, experts from NICOLAS are on hand to provide detailed information about these services.

NICOLAS as the service and distribution centre

Especially for overhaul, maintenance and service, customers need a competent contact person who knows and understands every detail of the highly specialised products of the TII Group. While the products of the TII Group brands KAMAG, NICOLAS and SCHEUERLE are produced at the Pfedelbach and Ulm facilities, the NICOLAS site in Champs-sur-Yonne, about 1.5 hours south of Paris, is further developing and expanding its expertise in the areas of sales and range of service.

"NICOLAS is the competence centre for sales and service. Our service department will provide help and support for NICOLAS products worldwide. In addition, the sales department in Champs-sur-Yonne will sell the KAMAG, NICOLAS and SCHEUERLE brands in France and all French-speaking regions globally. These markets are very important sales regions for the companies of the TII Group,” explained NICOLAS Managing Director Aymeric Pasquier. With this orientation, NICOLAS demonstrates its extraordinary proximity to customers. "Having close contact with the buyers of our products is a top priority for our highly qualified service teams", said Pasquier. "Our service unit not only provides an exceptionally high-quality range of services but also trains customers worldwide in handling the products of the TII Group." Furthermore, NICOLAS covers the repair of vehicles as well as providing comprehensive conversion and modification work. "With the help of this so-called refurbishing, our customers are able to respond both economically and flexibly to the constantly changing needs of their clients," said the NICOLAS CEO.

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