G2mobility empower its EV charging stations with HIKOB wireless vehicle detection systems

The french leader of EV charging systems G2mobility chooses HIKOB, a global player in smart and connected urban mobility systems to equip EV charging stations with HIKOB INSTANT EVSE wireless systems for vehicle detection. These systems enable to inform EV drivers in real-time about the effective availability of charging stations to optimize their use and thereby to promote a rapid transition to electric mobility.

« Electric mobility became a major challenge. Financial incentives and regulatory measures multiply to promote the deployment of EV charging infrastructures. The performance and the efficiency of EV mobility rely on the information of the effective availability of charging stations. A system like HIKOB INSTANT EVSE maximizes the access to charging stations. It is particularly relevant to avoid ICE-ing* phenomenon. », says Ludovic Broquereau, Vice-President Marketing, Sales & Projects at HIKOB.

Hundreds of G2mobility EV charging stations equipped with the HIKOB INSTANT EVSE system

G2mobility had a critical need to provide to end-users a reliable information about the effective availability of charging stations and found in the HIKOB system a plug&play solution easy to embed in its EV charging stations to detect in real-time the presence of vehicles.

Reliable and robust, they provide real-time information to the EV-Charging station management systems about vehicle presence on the charge point parking space. Economical, easy to install, HIKOB wireless systems requires no preventive maintenance.

It took only a few months to deploy the systems for hundreds EV charging stations. Each EV charging station integrates a HIKOB INSTANT EVSE detection kit with:

  • 2 HIKOB WISECOW : wireless magnetometers sensors installed on each places to detect the presence of the vehicles
  • 1 HIKOB GATEWAY LITE transmits instantly the sensor information to the EVSE via a dry contact interface.

A reliable and scalable system easy to integrate and install

« In order to struggle against the increasingly phenomenon of ICE-ing* we were seeking for a system that could provide a reliable information about the availability of our charging stations. Combine to our EV charging stations, HIKOB INSTANT EVSE wireless system are the cornerstone to provide an optimal service to electric vehicles drivers that want to use smart charging stations from G2Mobility. », concludes Martial Diaz, COO at G2Mobility

Improving service quality

  • To maximize electric vehicles usage by ensuring charging stations accessibility

Reliability and scalability of the system

  • A reliable and accurate detection system
  • A robust wireless network
  • A self-organized and two-ways communication system

Optimization of installation process

*ICE-ing: Internal combustion engine vehicles using EV charging stations places as a free parking spot.

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