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SOLUTRANS 2019: meeting the challenges of urban mobility and vehicles of the future

In an era of digital and new technology, the transport and logistics industry is reinventing itself and engaging with the French Tech movement, with vehicles becoming increasingly connected to the extent of becoming totally autonomous.
In association with CARA1, SOLUTRANS this November will present nearly 35 forward-looking projects ranging from fundamental research to production on SOLUTRANS 4.0, a new area bringing together players working in disruptive technology applied to intralogistics heavy goods and urban vehicles and ICT (information and communication technology) suppliers.




SOLUTRANS 2019: an incubator for solutions meeting the challenges of the future

Consequently, the next edition of SOLUTRANS, taking place from 19 to 23 November at Eurexpo Lyon, will reflect the work conducted by CARA and its members in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region automobile and transport systems sector.
As the competitive cluster in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, CARA pursues two complementary missions:

  • Support change in urban transport systems, in particular that of passenger and freight transport.
  • Federate and coordinate the automobile and heavy duty vehicle sector in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the home to suppliers of cutting-edge technology for the vehicle of the future.

From idea to market, CARA deploys collective actions by focussing on three main areas:

  • Innovating by supporting its members from the emergence to the structuring of individual or collaborative innovation projects around 5 research programmes providing a framework for the technical and technological skills in the CARA ecosystem: motorisation and drive trains, safety and security, vehicle architecture, intelligent transport systems, modelling and managing mobility.
  • Demonstrating by identifying testing grounds to deploy application demonstrators to assess innovations in real-life conditions and measure their acceptability and maturity with respect to technical, regulatory, economic, environmental and societal aspects.
  • Developing by reinforcing the capacity of firms to design and manufacture innovative products and find winning gateways into new markets, diversify their production to follow the technological changes in the industry and anticipate changes in skills required by industrial sectors.

SOLUTRANS 2019: A showcase for pioneering projects

As part of its event dedicated to innovation, "Innovative Mobility by CARA", the competitive cluster will present 35 projects on the space SOLUTRANS 4.0 - located in exhibition hall 5 - resulting from its daily work with its members including the French Bodywork Federation (FFC) in areas such as the environment, energy and intelligent systems.
Among these:

  • Improving air quality is the challenge addressed by the project Qaicar developed by Efi Lighting which works on the quality of the air in the vehicle interior. It contributes an original bactericide de pollution solution based on a combination of photo catalysis which purifies the air in 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Developing a new generation of autonomous vehicles. The project EBSF2 led by RATP, CEA and Iveco Bus demonstrates the technical feasibility of parking automation with the demonstration of the driverless parking of a bus.
  • Facilitating electrical vehicle charging through the project ELVIS which has designed a home-based induction solution using solar energy and domestic heating.
  • Reducing city centre congestion with the development of a concept of light and compact electric vehicles which can be stacked to save space in car parks and be easily redistributed across different access points. This is part of the European project ESPRIT (Easily distributed Personal Rapid Transit).

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